Thank you for visiting my site, I have been training in martial arts since I was a young boy and had the fortune to be born into a great family and community of martial artists. I am the 4th generation in my family to practice Filipino Martial Arts, and have been teaching classes and conducting seminars in fitness, self defense, street fighting, and traditional martial arts since 1992. My interests in psychology, philosophy, and martial arts has lead me to great insights into the human condition, an endeavor and pursuit my father Mangisursuro Mike Inay encouraged me to follow as a young boy, which I share on a daily basis with students and clients.

I offer classes and sessions in martial arts in the California Bay Area and based in Los Gatos, CA and conduct seminars internationally.

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Eskrima Biography
It’s funny, I have been training in martial arts for as long as I can remember. My cousins even say I was training before I could remember, they tell me stories about how my dad used to take me aside sometimes when I was as young as 4 years of age and work a little bit with me. So I suppose I have been training in martial arts for longer than I can remember. My first formal class was when I was 6 years old, and I remember it well, my dad had Fred Madrid work with me on basic Inayan Serrada counters in the backyard of the house I live in today. I have been doing martial arts all my life and I have to say I am never anything but excited and intrigued about it, specifically the Inayan System of Eskrima and generally anything having to do with martial arts at all. It is my passion, I can remember choosing to be ready for training on Saturday mornings when I was a teenager rather than go party with my friends on Friday nights! Can you imagine? Most of my friends were more interested in drinking beer or going to a party, meanwhile I am making sure I’m prepared to defend myself come morning time. Those days were great too, because my dad lived up in the Santa Cruz Mountains here in California. Most people who trained back then called the location “the Hill”, and we used to train there, in the woods and in the orchard as well as on the gravel covered parking lot. Back then I was treated to being attacked by the instructors with real spears and put in the old shed and attacked in the dark when you cannot really see at all. Good times, though most people thought we were crazy. I remember when my uncle Dan Inosanto and aunt Paula came one year to do a seminar, was so much fun and good character building for an adolescent.

The times change and I grew up, during this time my dad had just released the Spontaneous Knife Defense program, which later became Reactive Knife Defense, one of the few programs out in the Law Enforcement community that became widely accepted as the standard for defense against edged weapons. I have since been teaching that to civilians and law enforcement, even going so far as to teach it to “Zoll Polizei” in Germany, those are the German Border patrol officers. Around 90’-91’ my dad opened the Inayan Martial Arts Training Center, where after a year of arguing we reconciled and I came back to train. Of course, I return on the day of a “Guro’s Review”, this is a type of evaluation that is meant to be both a test and a psychological ordeal. So, I had not been practicing with anyone, just solo practice for a year, but when I got back I was put through this ordeal. Now, understand that you don’t get a reward for passing the test… It’s meant to test your toughness. So I perform perfectly, and am able to demonstrate all that is expected of someone at 5th level in theInayan System of Eskrima.The only thing my dad and his instructors could do was make fun of the fact that I had hair all the way down to the middle of my back… Allot of “hippie” and girl comments and the like, it just rolled off my back like water on a duck’s back though. It was a great feeling to know that the training I had received prior to my absence in class and my own discipline during my self imposed hiatus had paid off so well. (.cont)



In the mid 90’s my father put upon me the task of developing my own network of contacts in the Martial Arts community. This was required of me in order to prove my skill as a leader in the martial arts community and establish a skill set needful for someone who was the first heir to the Inayan System of Eskrima. I was not allowed to use his name to open doors, other than to introduce myself, and if asked acknowledge that he was my father, moreover I was not allowed to use his existing network of contacts either. To this day, I shun using any of his old contacts, other than those that have approached me first. My father wanted me to be a man of independence and self-reliance, I am proud to be such. I am the only student of my father’s, Mangisursuro Mike Inay, groomed for leadership.

This was just one of his tasks assigned to me as a test, and by far one of the least unpleasant. As a result I forged the relationship with the Kilohana Martial Arts organization, which my father became the Director of Weapons training, a position I held for 9 years, (now held by Sursuro Jena Inay) in addition to a seat on the Standards Board for Kilohana. This relationship has lasted over 10 years and 5 different presidents of Kilohana. Of all of my father’s students that became an Inner-Circle Guro, I am the only one to have established a new network of contacts, and thereby provide Mangisursuro with seminars with a new community of martial artists. This was a victory for me, and proved to my father that I had what it took to become the next Suro (Grand Master) of the Inayan System of Eskrima.

At the time of his passing, I was one of only four Guros under him actively holding a class (two classes; mine in California, and one in Tennessee), and to this day is the oldest standing school of Inayan Eskrima in existence. The other two instructors included my sister, Sursuro Jena Inay and Sursuro John Peterson, whom also taught with me at that time. Also, of all Mangisursuro’s students, my sister, Master Peterson, and myself were the only high level students under Mangisursuro without our ranks frozen, which is to say all other instructors under my father at that time holding a Guro ranking, had their ranks suspended and were not eligible for promotion.

Since the passing of my father, at the time I held the rank of Lahong Guro and was being evaluated for my Masirib Guro ranking in the Inayan System of Eskrima, and becoming Suro I have been growing both as an instructor as well as an Inayan Eskrimador. In the beginning it was tough filling my father and teacher’s shoes, but it proved to be a character building experience, Ugly politics aside, I learned how to be a better judge of character and be a better instructor to those people wishing to continue learning from the Inay family. Perhaps the biggest surprise was when I was first inducted into the Master’s Hall of Fame with a pioneer award for bringing Filipino Martial Arts to new places and new students, and then a couple yeas later to the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Escrima Grand Master of the year. It is very nice to be recognized by your peers for your efforts, however, teaching has been a reward in and of itself.

Teaching in Europe has been great, though I would have loved to travel more with my father. We had only gone once together to Europe in 1999. We both taught in Scotland. That trip was cool, I have a picture of both me and my father each holding an eagle on our arm, turns out we both separately opted for the Falconry Exhibit at the Castle of Clan Sutherland. Professor Leon Jay and I had an interesting experience at the “Haunted Room” during the tour inside the castle too. Of all the places I have taught in Europe, I am most fond of Costa Del Sol Spain for its beach atmosphere, near Californian weather and great Spanish lifestyle. I do like teaching in all the places I go in Europe, I have taught in Scotland, England, France, Netherlands (at a NATO base), Germany, Spain, and Portugal. Portuguese beaches are spectacular, the park in Paris is a beautiful place to train, and London has to be my most favorite city to visit. The crew over in Germany has to be my favorite group of people to teach in Europe, never met more dedicated martial artists in all my travels.

Since becoming The Suro of the Inayan System of Eskrima, I have concentrated on enhancing both the understanding of my system of martial art with each of its practitioners, and my skill as a teacher. In the last several years I have integrated modern teaching concepts borrowed from applied psychology. My overall goal is to enhance the caliber of those practicing the art, as opposed to curriculum development itself. It is reputed that martial arts is a path of unification of the Mind, Body, and Spirit. My work thus far has been an effort to understand this process and how it pertains to superlative Eskrimadors.

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I offer classes and sessions in the martial arts in the California Bay Area and am based in Los Gatos, CA and conduct seminars internationally.

Group Classes
Available in Los Gatos, CA 95032
Weekly: $70
Monthly: $150
1 Year: $1600

Private Lessons
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Combative: $180

Private Mentoring
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Available USA and Internationally by reservation and 30% Non Refundable Deposit
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2 Hours: $800
3 Hours: $1200
5 Hours: $3000
10 – 12 Hours: $5000

Local Seminars (Within 2 days driving) cost $50 Per Diem + Hotel and Food)
Long Distance (Requiring Flight) Flight Tickets, Hotel, Food, Transportation

Instructor Certifications are $550 + per person with a minimum of 20 people

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Jason Inay is not only a Grandmaster instructor of Filipino Martial Art and inheritor of his family fighting system (the Inayan System of Eskrima, founded by Mike Inay), he is an avid researcher of the human psyche and how this information can be used to accelerate learning, achieve goals, and effect positive change. In an age when so much practical, usable information is unfolding with regard to the way we all think, live, and learn, it is amazing to see an instructor of such high caliber able synergize his tremendous depth of knowledge in traditional martial art with the most contemporary understanding and application of methods to shape learning and memory. The resulting synthesis is something truly special, an opportunity not to be missed.

Dr. Brian Null, Ph.D., Stanford University Research Fellow, Department of Biochemistry, School of Medicine

As a New Your City ER doctor I like things fast paced and physical. For over 10 years I have kept in shape by studying several different martial arts for Karate to Kick-boxing to Tai chi. After moving to California, I wanted to find a martial art that offered an ideal combination of conditioning, functinality, as well as an understanding of how to manipulate an opponent’s energy.

In just 3 months of classes with Suro Jason Inay, it is clear that Escrima is exactly what I was looking for. In Escrima, I have learned, defense becomes offense. The force of an attacker’s strike is manipulated in a series of precise, yet easy to learn maneuvers that remain effective regardless of the size or strength difference between attacker and defender. Escrima develops speed, strength, timing, and, as a physician I was thrilled to discoer – an applied understanding of anatomy. It combines the intelligence of Tai Chi, with the brute force of Karate. What could be better?

The value of a class, however, depends on it instructor; Suro Jason Inay is one of the best I have ever trained with. First and foremost, Suro is passionate about his art, and highly knowledgeable about its history and evolution. As a teacher, he is able to quickly identify each student’s strengths and weaknesses, and ith superb hands on teaching, as well as his many entertaining anecdotes, effectively communicate what needs improvement. Because of Suro Inay, I am sure I will e studing Escrima for years to come.

Thanks to Suro

John Arbo, MD
Standford University Medical Center

John Arbo, MD

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