Class Details

I offer classes and sessions in the martial arts in the California Bay Area and am based in Los Gatos, CA and conduct seminars internationally.

Group Classes
Available in Los Gatos, CA 95032
Weekly: $70
Monthly: $150
1 Year: $1600

Private Lessons
Available in the Bay Area per hour
Basic: $120
Combative: $180

Private Mentoring
You must apply to become a personal client per hour
Martial Mastery: $250

Available USA and Internationally by reservation and 30% Non Refundable Deposit
1 Hour: $500
2 Hours: $800
3 Hours: $1200
5 Hours: $3000
10 - 12 Hours: $5000

Training Groups:

Based upon individual evaluation. Required to host Suro every 6 months. There are minimum and maximum numbers for groups before the group leader is advanced to Kadua Guro or Guro rank.

Local Seminars (Within 2 days driving) cost $50 Per Diem + Hotel and Food)
Long Distance (Requiring Flight) Flight Tickets, Hotel, Food, Transportation

Instructor Certifications are $550 + per person with a minimum of 20 people

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